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An Introduction To The Black Country

Introduction To The Black Country Video

Heres a short, slightly tongue in cheek video introduction to the Black Country for people who might be thinking of visiting the area, giving you tips on how to make the best of your time. The video also has lots of references in there to make Black Country folk chuckle.

If I was to really (& truthfully) sum up the Black Country culture as short as possible, I would say it is made up of
The Dialect, The Humour, Love Of Food , Love OF Drink & Of Course The People.
So I decided to make sure I hit those subjects in a video that should last under 2 minutes….this was the result.

Below Are Some Of The Designs We Used In The Making Of This Video

yow-cor-spake-propa-mug   Owbinya

Arm Gerrin Kaylied    wench-t-shirt

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