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Custom Band T Shirts

Create Your Own Custom Band T Shirts & MerchCustom band merch

Got your own design? Or just have an idea?
Make an enquiry now & we will create you retail quality prints whether you just need one off t-shirts for the people in the band or are looking for a range of band merch.



A few helpful band t shirt ideas


Band Merch TeesOrder 1 to 1000

Just starting out & you fancy kitting out just the band or even just want the one custom band t shirt for a gift. We can print your band merch even when ordering just one.
Alternatively, if you’re building up a following & want to start making money from your band merch, we can print bulk order t shirts with discounts of up to 70% off.
Just let us know what you want printed on your tops & a rough idea of how many you want, then we’ll tell you the cost & how to go about getting them

Need Band T Shirt Ideas?

Got your band name but your not sure of a design?
Ideas for thinking up designs for you band:

  • Is the name of your band something you can make a visual representation of? ie if your band name is FeetCheese, we could make the text look like cheese with smell waves coming off it.
  • Look at logos & t shirts for existing bands & pick an idea in each that you like (don’t just stick to bands in your genre, you’ll miss out on loads of design ideas) after looking at a few, you’ll eventually have a few different ideas that if you put together, you’ll end up with something completely new.
  • Looking to get a message across. An effective & often forgotten style is to just have your band name in a clear easy to read font across the chest. Adding a message or tagline can make them fun. Example : Beast Meets Man. Man says grr.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a design made, you can just give us your idea & we will make it up for you.

Looking For Cheaper Custom Band T Shirts?

Most bands when starting out are on a budget & we fully understand that, we have a few (rather awful) budding musicians here.
If you’re looking to get your foot on the ladder & want to get your own band t shirts on the cheap, here are the simple golden rules to getting cheap band t shirts.

  • Go for a single colour print in one position on the t shirts.

This is the cheapest the printing will cost you. Adding print to sleeves, the bottom or back etc along with adding extra colours means the t shirts will require being taken off the machines & reset again, meaning more labour time & also the extra print is more material costs into your tops.

A simple white print on black t shirt, however common is still the most commonly bought t shirt & most effective.

  • The more you buy, the cheaper they are.

As with all printing, the more we print of the same item in one go, the less labour time will be involved per top & the savings on this we can pass on to you.
Example : A one off  t shirt with a single colour print will cost around £12 for just one but £5 if ordering 50.


Alternative Band Merch

Along with unisex t shirts we have ladies fitted tees, vests, hoodies, sweaters, caps, mugs, banners (make super backdrops) available along with many other printable items. Just tell us what you are looking for on the enquiry for above & we will do our very best to arrange it for you.

Screen Printed T Shirts Or Vinyl Printed T Shirts

Looking to have your t shirts Screen Printed specifically or not sure what the difference in the different printing methods are?
Read our t shirt printing methods here.

As a general rule of thumb, we vinyl print our t shirts on orders upto 100 & screen print after that unless a print method is specified by a customer. Both methods offer equally exceptional retail quality print finish.

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