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Black Country Remembers..

Dudley Remembers Poppy

This year we are proud to introduce our Black Country Remembrance Poppy Pin Badge.

There has been a long running event in Dudley held by the Gentleman songsters each year to commemorate those who have fought in wars & their families.

Each year the concert is an opportunity to not only raise money, which it does importantly for the British Legion, but also for people to take time & remember both those who paid the ultimate sacrifice & those who made it back to their community.

 As numbers have declined over the years & funding becoming harder to obtain, we commissioned these unique pin badges for people to show solidarity in their remembrance , but also to raise funds & make the event sustainable for the future.

All Money from the event then goes onto the support the British Legion which has supported veterans and their families since 1st world war.

Dudley Remembers Photo