How To Spake Black Country This Christmas

How To Spake Black Country This Christmas

Taych ‘Em How To Spake Black Country This Christmas With This Quick Guide To The Black Country Language… Christmas Style. 1, “BIG AS A BONK OSS” Means ‘ A fat un’ & What You Will Be After Christmas Dinner! 2, “LUMMOCKS” The Clumsy Member Of The Family Who Falls In The Tree! 3, “KAYLIED” Drunk

Trade Counter / Collection Pont


New Trade Counter / Collection Point In Tower Street, Dudley For people, particularly our workwear & custom printing customers who just want to pop in & quickly drop off or collect items. We have set up a trade counter to the rear of our store on the large car park in Tower Street. Located on



  So the big day is nearly upon you, the bride DID manage to lose that weight and the cars and flowers have all been paid for. Now there is just one thing left to do. Organise the Stag Do. Now in most cases you are probably the Best Man which means one of things.



HOW TO ORGANISE A HEN PARTY. This guide will help you achieve a stress free and as happy hen party as possible on your budget. They are also a guide line and not set in stone rules.   RULE 1 – INFORM THE BRIDE OF EVERY SINGLE DETAIL OF WHAT IS GOING ON!   This

15 words and phrases in Black Country

15 Words and phrases you’ll only understand if you’re from the Black Country

Do you know your Riffy’s from your Donnies? If so, here is a short list of 15 word’s or phrases you’ll only really understand if your from the Black Country…How many do you know? Loffin’ -Laughing, we’m always avin’ a loff! Blairtin -This refers to crying, usually heard when trying to calm down a screaming

Canals Of The Black Country

Black Country Canals

  The canal systems of Britain were in its heyday the motorways on water. Traffic from all over the isle would pass goods, post and even prisoners via the waterways. The Midlands canal system which includes Birmingham and the Black Country was one of the busiest in Europe. Illegal booze and arms were smuggled back


What’s Your Black Country Name?

Try our quick fun tool to find out yower Black Country name. Don’t forget to comment your name 🙂 SIMPLY USE YOUR 1st INITIAL TO GET YOUR 1st NAME & YOUR 2nd INITIAL TO GET YOUR LAST NAME

Reasons To Be Proud Youre Black Country

Reasons to Be Proud You’re From The Black Country

The Rich Industrial Heritage The Black Country was most famous for its heavy industry with metals and coal. Economic historians have even said that within ten miles of Dudley Castle there was in the region of 20,000 smiths in the 1620’s. Of course this industry has all gone now, but this region is still famous

Black Country Movies

24 Classic Films Made In The Black Country (spoof)

Ok, So These Aren’t Real….But Some Of Them Should Be!   3 MEN AND A BABBY (3 MEN AND A BABY) – “3 men, 1 babby and only 1 child tax credit!” EVIL JED (EVIL DEAD) – “The Evil Jed awaits 5 teenagers camped up in Priory Park” BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE DUDLEY (LITTLE CHINA)

Introduction To The Black Country Video

An Introduction To The Black Country

Heres a short, slightly tongue in cheek video introduction to the Black Country for people who might be thinking of visiting the area, giving you tips on how to make the best of your time. The video also has lots of references in there to make Black Country folk chuckle. If I was to really