Introduction To The Black Country Video

An Introduction To The Black Country

Heres a short, slightly tongue in cheek video introduction to the Black Country for people who might be thinking of visiting the area, giving you tips on how to make the best of your time. The video also has lots of references in there to make Black Country folk chuckle. If I was to really

Famous Bands Of The Black Country Part 2

Famous Bands & Musicians From The Black Country Part 2

Slade One of the most successful rock bands of the seventies were to come from the Wolverhampton and Walsall areas of the region. Slade were huge, both in record sales and stage presence, always putting on a excellent show for fans. They started off life in 1964 under the name The ‘N Betweeners, with both

Who Put Bella In The Witch Elm

Who Put Bella In The Wych Elm?

Long before the Hollywood gave us frightening visions of zombie apocolypes’s, slasher fiends, psycho chainsaw wielding maniacs and angry poltergeists running amok and scaring us in high definition wonder, local black country folks were scared by the supernatural tales and ghost stories of old. One such tale was known from just at the end of

The Black Country Dialect Part 2

The Black Country Dialect (Pt 2)

The Black Country Dialect (Part Two) shows the Black Country Community translating several local Black Country sayings/phrases into regular English. Filmed on location at The Black Country T-Shirt Shop Cradley Heath (old location), the films are both educational and entertaining. giving insight into the Black Country culture and the way they speak.   WATCH PART

The Black Country Dialect Pt 1

The Black Country Dialect (Pt 1)

Many moons ago, back in 2010, we produced a couple of short clips interviewing our customers, friends & folk we dragged off the street. Getting them to decipher whatever Black Country dialect we can throw at them. This is the 1st instalment of the results. Watch as Black Country Folk Get Tangled Up With Their

Bands Of the Black Country

Famous Bands & Musicians From The Black Country Part 1

1.Led Zeppelin Ok, so only one of them are officially from the Black Country, front man Robert Plant, born in West Bromwich. The band originally started off life as The New Yardbirds, forming in London in 1968. They embarked on a tour of Scandinavia in the winter of that year and when they returned to


Yow Know Yow’m Black Country When…

A selection of things you do or might say that indicate you might just be a little ‘Black Country’……   When something is ace or excellent its ‘that’s Bostin ay it?!’ Alternatively, if something is broken beyond repair ‘bosted ay it?!’ Infact…….It’s appropriate to end every sentence with… ‘Ay it?’!!! ‘Gooin shappin’ is the only

Joseph Guest Hospital

Historical Characters Of The Black Country

So we’re obviously a little bit keen on our local culture here at BCT, but to be honest, I’ve never really known much or looked into our history that helped build that culture….So I thought I’d take a look 🙂 Starting with some of the more notable folk associated with the area going back in

Big Sam- Dudley Mon

Big Sam – Black Country Mon

On the 22 July 2016, the Football Association announced that Sam Allardyce would be replacing Roy Hodgson, who had resigned, as the new England Manager.  For Big Sam,as he is known in the game, this was a dream come true. But who is Sam Allardyce? On a autumnal Tuesday, 19th October 1954, Samuel Allardyce was

Tommy Cowpat (possibly)

Sayings You Will Only Hear In The Black Country

We love the Black Country, its people, the community but what we love more than anything is its bostin’ accent and sayings. Here are just a few saying you only hear in the Black Country & how you might use them..   WHAS ‘ER WHANT? Example In Use – From Pride and Prejudice – “Oh