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Where To Get Great Local Band T Shirts Printed

Saturday, 16 November, 2013

We support local bands

The band ‘Captain Horizon’ are an alternative rock band based in Birmingham and they needed printed T-Shirts to sell alongside their release of their debut album ‘The Lights of Distorted Science!’

Horizon Band T SHirts Printed FrontAt Black Country T Shirts we are now printing bulk T-Shirts at a discounted rate due to our new screen-printing facilities; word seems to have got around as ‘Captain Horizon’ came to us with this printing knowledge in mind. We’re very keen to support local music so ‘Captain Horizon’ had a fantastic deal on their T-Shirts.

The design for the front of their T-Shirts was very abstract; it’s an image of the lead singer spraying water into the air from his mouth with the Captain Horizon logo above it the spray. The back was an image of an astronaut which we had to digitally manipulate in order to get the best effect. This imagery was relative to their album cover.

WHorizon Band T Shirts Printed Backe gave Captain Horizon FREE set up which meant stripping two screens (front and back print), setting up the design work, printing the design films, preparing the screens, exposing the designs to the screens, washing down the screens, drying the screens and taping up the screens ready for inking was all FREE! We just charged for the inking and the T-Shirts.

If you’re in a band on a shoe string budget and need help with promoting your band then come and see us. T-Shirts are a great way of advertising yourselves, as well as making a little money for recordings, equipment, touring etc. The best price is determined on your artwork, obviously the more work involved the more expensive your T-Shirts will be. The best and most popular T-Shirt choice for bands is single colour print, front only! FREE set up and band discounts, you just can’t miss out!

Please don’t hesitate to ask for more information.

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Get Custom Printing Onto Your Own Garments

Monday, 11 November, 2013

We print on random things

At Black Country T Shirts we can print any slogan, logo or design onto T-Shirts, mugs, bags, canvas, banners, hoodies, and sweatshirts as long as there are no copyright issues or messages that are deemed extremely offensive. However, sometimes it’s the items to be printed that become somewhat interesting.

In the Black Country shop on Castle Street in Dudley we’ve had requests to print on random items such as shoes, ambulance vans, knickers, ties, drum kits, sheets of cloth, pillow cases, dog jackets, horse riding coats, motor cross tops, curtains, dressing gowns, suitcases, amplifiers but it was on the run up to Christmas 2012 when we had a very thoughtful and loving printing job which was to print onto a supplied patchwork quilt which was a special gift for someone.

The cuPrinting Onlto Supplied Quiltstomer wanted several collages of their family members all over the quilt with messages of love surrounding these pictures. It was for a grandmother on her death bed and it was printed so that she could be close to her family and feel warm at her time of need. The story touched all the staff at TeeT Shirts and we made it our duty to do an excellent job for the grandmother to cherish in her last days. The quilt was left with a little space for future messages to be added at a later date.

backdrop-printed-150x150Another random job we had recently was some supplied cloth for a talent show at the Withymoor Primary School. They needed a backdrop for the show which included very young comedians, musicians, dancers, singers and even a magic act for good measure.  It’s satisfying to be involved in such shows in the community; hopefully the finished banner gave the show a touch of professionalism.

In summary, we can print on almost anything whether it’s for the young or old so please don’t hesitate to call us on 01384 639392 or email us on with your ideas and we can then advise on whether your supplied random item is printable.

Where To Find T Shirt Printing For Larger Sizes

Thursday, 7 November, 2013

BC T Shirts get BIG!

Let’s face it people aren’t getting smaller, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention the average adult Black Country man is approximately one inch taller and a staggering 25 pounds heavier than men were in 1960, so at  Black Country T Shirts we’ve sourced together a large collection of big sizes for today and the future.

We decided to source the larger T-Shirts because not many places locally really accommodate for big people, we found it important to offer our services to everyone and not just the average sized folk of our town.

The journey began when one giant Black Country mon (man) came squeezing through our shop front door one spring Saturday afternoon and said these words “know om a big un but yow wouldn’t happen to ave a tay shirt with a tunky pig on it to fit mar fat bally would ya?”

After a short wait one of the staff was able to source the customer a 7XL polo shirt, we were able to customise the logo to suit his needs and he was very happy with the service and quality produced. Stan and his 71″ chest has been a regular customer of ours ever since.

Therefore we are pleased to announce that we can now get round neck T-Shirts up to size 5XL which is 62″-64″ chest; these larger sizes are available in colours black, navy, red, royal, sport grey and white.

If you think that’s impressive then we have now sourced a selection of Polo Shirts that will blow your mind! We can now supply our community with 7XL polo shirts which is a humongous 70″-72″ chest; these are available in black, bottle green, burgundy, charcoal, emerald, light blue, navy, orange, purple, red, royal, sport grey, sunflower and white.

If you know anyone who’s considered to have a large frame or you may be big yourself then why not come and see us and we can show you our new range of larger T-Shirts and polo shirts.

If you have trouble getting to our shop in Dudley then you can email us on or call us for more information on 01384 639392.

Things you should consider when ordering printed t-shirts

Friday, 27 September, 2013

Things you should consider when ordering printed t-shirts

Getting your own t-shirts printed isn’t a complicated thing, although a few factors have to be considered. These considerations include your Printed T Shirtcustomer’s perspective, your purpose, and what happens after the design is successful.

You’ll also want to consider what type of printing to use, and how many colors you really need.

First, your customers. Who are they? Male or female, small sizes or XXXXL, casual party-loving folks or salt-of-the-earth gardeners? Sports teams, family reunions, school group, or churches?

If you’re just ordering for your and your friends, what sort of shirts do you like? You should also consider if the company has the color and quality of t-shirts you want.

The best companies offer up a description or brand name of where their t-shirts come from.

A number of customers will pay extra for organic cotton or for shirts produced locally – a great opportunity to market locally.

Second, your purpose.

Whether you’re printing for a conference, a business meeting, or just a fun thing to wear, have the purpose in mind before you begin designing. Longevity and durability are important, as are where people will actually wear these shirts.

Third, consider what happens next.

Do you want people to re-order the t-shirts? It might be a good idea to offer a card or flyer when you give them the t-shirt.

If these shirts will be used by multiple people (such as a scrimmage shirt or generic uniform), you’ll want to have different sizes for different folks. Hopefully something about the event or design will make them want to keep the t-shirt for a long time.

Next, choose between screen printing and digital printing.

Screen printing is great for larger orders and designs with fewer colors. It’s also good at putting your design exactly where you want it. It’s a bit more expensive, however, and it has a tough time producing photographic-quality t-shirts. That’s where digital printing comes in – t-shirts are printed kind of like how your printer prints on paper.

Digital printing is great for smaller orders, and handles fine details or photos like a pro.

Finally, consider how many colors you really need. If your logo is a rainbow, there’s not much you can do about that.

Sometimes the best designs are about shapes, not colors (think of the Apple logo or a silhouette of a city as two examples).

The t-shirt color sets the scene for the ink that goes on top – and that might be all you need for basic text or logos.

Adding more colors can add to the cost, but makes for something people will be proud to wear.

Band T Shirts Printed in Hours ….Sold in Minutes

Thursday, 14 March, 2013

My Great Affliction Screen Printed TeesA typical day will always include a band needing some new merchandise, on a budget & on a very short lead time.

On this occasion is was a very good experience as we got to listen to superb sounds of ‘My Great Affliction’ a superb rock band from near our own backyard in the Black Country.  You can listen to them here.

Whenever we get orders for Band t shirts we like to give the band a listen, as it helps us create an affinity with the work we are creating.

These guy’s had an upcoming gig on the Sunday at the Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton & needed some new merch to go along with a comeback gig with a new lineup  & other dates on the way.

After a couple of design ideas back & forth with ourselves, we got a a finalised design
ready on a Wednesday afternoon, the tops were printed & the band were able to collect Thurs.



Job Information
PRINT : Single Colour Left Hand Breast
QTY : 50 Black Tees Orange Print / 50 Orange Tees Black Print
COST : £3.90 per Shirt incl VAT

Custom printed suit t shirts for the Australian open

Friday, 22 February, 2013

Custom printed suit t shirts for the Australian open
In our online shop we have a super popular t shirt that looks like a suit
Group Suit T Shirt

Using our live chat facility our UK based online representative Steve was able to assist a gentleman in Australia who wanted to know if it was possible to order a customised version of one of our stock designs.
He & 6 of his friends are attending the Australian Open in the New Year & wanted fun but smart t shirts to go in.
Having found our ‘Suit T shirts’ online he was also wanting to know if we could add their own individual names to the back of each tee…(presumably so they don’t get lost)
Of course, we can edit any of our designs to suit every individual need.
The customer emailed over the list of names & the size for each tee & we sent them back a PayPal invoice.
With one 5 minute chat & an afternoon on the press. 7 Suit t shirts were ordered & despatched to Sydney Australia, from The Black Country, UK the same day.
Got a party or an event you’re attending this year? Liven it up with a fun t shirt. Email us your custom t shirt idea here & we’ll do our best to help you out.


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Worldwide Hen T Shirts

Monday, 26 November, 2012

Pink ladies T-Shirts from Cradley Heath to KentuckyGrease Pink Ladies

We’ve had a recent surge on orders of bulk stag and hen party T-Shirts from all over the world and as far as Australia. On Monday this week we were very intrigued as to why we were about to send five Pink Ladies Style Hen T-Shirts all the way across the Atlantic to sunny Kentucky in time for Christmas.

We’re certain that there are many T-Shirt printing businesses in Florida that print similar T-Shirts, after all, the film Grease was made in America and it’s teenage culture captured in the film is VERY American, so why shop with us in the middle of Dudley in the Black Country?

Pink Ladies Hen Do T ShirtsIt turns out one of the party members is an expat and moved to America four years ago. Having been a customer with us both at home and online in recent years, the expat suggested they get their custom T-Shirts from Black Country Shirts.

Citing our great customer service , speedy international delivery and the easy to order online facility as the reasons for making us their number 1 choice.

Yesterday we became mindful that the hen party was going to be on Christmas day night as the hens worked long hard hours in different occupations and only had Christmas day to party.

It’s great to know that somewhere in Kentucky there will be five ladies wearing our custom hen party T-Shirts on Christmas day.

Only in America!

Band T Shirts Screen Printed

Monday, 26 November, 2012

Screen Printing at Black Country T  Shirts

Screen Printed Band TeeThis week we had a repeat order of band T-Shirts which is always a good sign. Repeat business gives us confidence in our work as its evidence that we’ve done a good job the first place. The customer, a cracking band called The Tennysons from Leicester required 50 T-Shirts with a two colour print on each. This order took a couple of days to process, print and ship out and the customer was again very happy with the results.

When we get a bulk order of 50+ T-Shirts with the same design such as The Tennysons job we tend to use our screen printing facilities to print such orders.

Screen printing uses a screen of polyester or other fine mesh which is a woven material stretched around a frame.

Once the screen has been set up with the required image stencil the ink either gets blocked out or is allowed to go through the mesh forming the image. It is the open areas of mesh that transfer the ink to the T-Shirt.

One of our special squeegees is moved across the screen stencil, the ink is then forced through the mesh openings created the required image on the T-Shirt. Once cured or dried in our superior tunnel dryer the T-Shirt is good to go!

Curing or drying each T-Shirt prevents the ink being washed out when washing. Now that would be disastrous!

If you’re in a band, run your own business, are part of a charity, work in a school, college, university or council office and require bulk orders of T-Shirts then don’t hesitate to contact us! You’ll be amazed at our prices on bulk screen printed T-Shirts.


A Family Of Mugs

Friday, 12 October, 2012

A Family of Mugs…Printed

Many moons ago we started offering the service of custom printed mugs; this was mainly due to the numerous requests from our customers for the service, eventually we gave into the idea. It would prove to be great business for Black Country T Shirts especially around the holidays.Printed Mugs

The first week of mug printing we had a nice gentleman pop into the shop wanting a variety of one off custom printed mugs for his family.

It is incredible how much information our customers give us about their families.

In five minutes we found out that his brother was a postman, his dad was in the army, his son is very vain and spends hours in the mirror, his little sister used to be ginger but now has brown hair, his wife shops at Asda, likes watching Home & Away and is the boss of the house and finally the youngest of the three brothers is in an 80s cover band and works as a travel agent by day.

We spent the next 15 to 20 minutes working on design ideas with the customer as each custom printed mug had to suit each individual family member.

The general pattern for each mug was a photo of each member one side and nicknames the other side either text only or modified into some kind of log. It was the ‘Postman Tony’ mug which seemed the most popular of the bunch.

The customer had six in total so we offered him bulk discount which made him very happy.

After paying a deposit and arranging a collection day the man left the shop. In between other custom printing work we managed to get his custom printed mugs ready that afternoon for collection the next morning.

On his return we presented the finished items to the customer and in all our days of printing we have never seen anyone happier.

He cried with joy and even went as far as to pay over the odds for the good work we did.

Custom Mugs madeIt is times like this that make working that extra special.

We take great pleasure in presenting quality custom printed work to our customers.

It is the positive and often heartfelt reactions from our customers that make our jobs worth it. This is why we try to create the best custom printed products for you because as a result your positivity makes our jobs great!

PVC Banners Made On Time!

Tuesday, 20 March, 2012

Printing banners is easy!

Last month, one fine Friday morning we had a man with a very small yapping bog eyed dog come and see us about

 Printed PVC Banner

getting five large custom printed pvc banners for his circus. The circus was due to arrive the following Thursday, therefore he needed them for Wednesday to be sure that he’d get them in time to set up the following morning.

Even though the only artwork he had for his banner was a very small flyer, we were able to inform the customer that it would be no problem at all to get them ready on time.

We spent the best part of half an hour with the customer and worked on design options, colours and text.

Once complete the customer left a deposit for his custom printed banners and went his way.

We got all five banners ready late Tuesday evening ready for the customer.

The following afternoon the customer informed us that he was running very late and asked whether we could wait for him ten minutes after closing, we assured him that wouldn’t be a problem.

Eventually when he did arrive at a 6.45pm (we closed at 6pm) he was over the moon with his banners and said quote “They’re spot on and an excellent service, thanks for waiting!”

We get great satisfaction in helping our customers achieve what they had in mind.

Making our customers happy is the number one agenda of Black Country T Shirts and we try to make it as stress free as humanly possible.

The little extras we provide we hope will go a long way in assuring we get repeat business from our customers. After all word of mouth in the printing industry is a massive benefit to businesses.

This example custom printed banner job alone gave us at least three more custom printing jobs as a consequence of how great the service was.

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