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Mug Printing

Custom Printed Mugs

Only a mug would disagree that custom printed mugs are an incredibly versatile way of promoting your business.

They also make a lovely gift. You can either design your own mug or just let us know what you need and we’ll create something unique for you. We even have a selection of mugs printed with funny designs, which are available to buy in our online shop.

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As well as being able to hold a wide variety of tasty beverages (hot or cold), there are many more uses for custom printed mugs. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Catching spiders.
  • Temporary goldfish bowl.
  • Banana holder.
  • Pot to put your pens & pencils in.
  • Pair them up to make earplugs.
  • Begging aid.
  • Musical instrument (when combined with wooden spoon). Fill several with different amounts of water for a wider range of sonic possibilities.
  • Mugs are also great for creating lovely perfect brown circles on your favourite household surfaces.
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How mugs can help your business

You might not think that a mug would be much help around the office or warehouse, and you’re probably right. They’re pretty work-shy. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have tons of marketing power that can keep your brand in the front of the minds of your loyal customers.

They’re ideal to give as gifts, because they are the type of thing that will get seen & used every day not only by your customers but anybody else who visits their place of work. It’s also a great way of making your contact details readily available right on the desk of your potential clients.