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Embroidery is the process of sewing the design onto the garments, making the text & images out of cotton.

We use embroidery on garments that cannot be screen or vinyl printed. Such as thick fleece material, woolly hats, wax jackets etc,
or when our customers specifically ask for it due to the professional appearance.




The image/text to be printed is first ‘digitised’  for the embroidery machines to understand the pattern (imagine a digital version of your grans old knitting patterns!).

The garment is then placed under the embroidery machine and clamped down. The correct coloured threads are put onto the machine.

After that the machine will go through the process of embroidering the garment on it’s own. All that’s left for a quality inspection later & it’s ready!



  • Extremely Durable
  • Professional Looking
  • No Extra Costs On Full Colour
  • No Set Up Costs



  • Unsuitable For Some Designs
  • Longer Lead Times
  • Not Available For Customer Supplied Garments



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