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Screen Printing

Screen PRintingScreen Printing is the best known method & has been the industry standard over the years until the recent improvements in both vinyl printing & DTG.

Screen printing is what we use when making our large bulk orders of over 100 items, unless another method is specified by our customer.





  • Extremely Durable
  • Cheapest Method When Ordering In Large Volume.
  • High Quality

  •  Unsuitable For Producing One Offs Or Low Volume Orders
  • Longer Delivery Times Due To Setup Involved


The Screens (Wooden or aluminium frame with mesh surface) are made by putting an emulsion on the mesh surface.
The design to be printed is put onto a film.
The screen is then exposed on a light table with the film under it. The light hardens the chemicals around the design. Cold water is then sprayed onto the screen breaking up the chemicals, leaving the area where the light passed through (your design).
NOTE This above step has to be taken for each colour in your design.

The garments are then placed onto platterns on a carousel. The screen then placed over the garment & with required ink on the screen the ink is pushed through the mesh with a squeegee, placing the design onto the item.

Item is then put under a flash unit which cures (dries) the design onto your garment & it is now complete.