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Vinyl Printing

Vinyl PrintingVinyl or transfer printing as it is sometimes known is our preferred method of printing.
We use this on pretty much every garment on orders upto 100 items unless another method is specified by the customer.

Previously vinyl was known as the poor relation to screen print & embroidery in terms of quality & durability.

However,  due to the continual progression of improvements & innovations in this field, we now consider it the best in terms of quality, durability & versatility over the other methods.



  • High Quality
  • Durability
  • Easy To Personalise Individual Items
  • Ideal For Low Quantity Orders
  • Easy To Print Full Colour Designs


  • Images Cannot Fade Into Shirt
  • Unsuitable For High Volume Orders (100 items plus )


Vinyl Printing in action

Unlike screen printing where ink is absorbed into the garment, vinyl printing places the design on a material (vinyl) which sits ontop of the shirt, giving a slightly thicker  feel  & more vibrant colour.

The design is created & turned into a shape & then sent to a type or printer called a ‘plotter’. This machine, instead of printing, cuts your image out of vinyl material. The image will need to be in reverse when printing.

The vinyl material is on a plastic backing, the vinyl is pullled away from the backing by hand, leaving behind the cut design still on the backing.
The design is then ready to be adhered to the garment.

Design is then placed onto the required position of the garment under a heat press. Once positioned correctly, the press is pulled down onto the garment, heating it up to tempratures of upto 180°C for around 20 seconds.
Once cooled, the backing is peeled away  & the item is pressed once more for 5 seconds , leaving a ready to wear item.