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15 Words and phrases you’ll only understand if you’re from the Black Country

15 words and phrases in Black Country

Do you know your Riffy’s from your Donnies?

If so, here is a short list of 15 word’s or phrases you’ll only really understand if your from the Black Country…How many do you know?

  1. Loffin’
    -Laughing, we’m always avin’ a loff!
  2. Blairtin

-This refers to crying, usually heard when trying to calm down a screaming child, Stop ya Blairtin!


  1. Bostin!

-if something is particularly excellent, we say “it’s bostin tha ris!”


  1. Gorra cob on

-Used to describe someone who is in a bad mood

Gorra Cob On


  1. Cor be bovvered

-I was going to give a really interesting explanation of this one, but….I cor be bovvered!


  1. Bost

-A word meaning broken


  1. Gulley

-A small alleyway or the gap between two houses


  1. Cobs!

-not barmcakes, not baps..them COBS!!


  1. The Cut!

-The black country has a beautiful network of canals, but we call it the cut.


  1. Nahhhh!

-the Black county’s own way of saying no


  1. Tatters

Not to be confused with taters (potatoes) tatters are men in lorries that drive around playing a bugle on a Sunday morning, looking for free scrap metal.

Tatters Meaning


  1. Riffy

-Another word for dirty, no-one likes a riffy git!

  1. Tay!

-We don’t drink tea in the black country, we drink a cuppa tay!
…Unless yow’m being called for ya tay…that’s different.


  1. Saft
    -a word meaning silly, stupid or out of the question “yam saft!”
    Bonus– someone saft might also be referred to as a ‘daft aypeth’
    Daft Aypeth
  2. Tara A Bit
  1. -That means this list is over…. & Goodbye 🙂


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